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Service to the parish and wider community

If you wish to explore the Catholic Faith or serve our parish in one way or another, opportunities are available.
For liturgical ministries, click "Mass".


Faith Formation (Religious Education)

For the young people in our community, this catechetical program is intended to culminate with the Eucharist. Faith Formation centers, firstly, on divine worship at Sunday Mass and then on religious instruction by volunteer catechists from our parish. We help parents in their responsibility as the primary teachers of their children's faith by encouraging participation in:
   Sacred Liturgy  •  Faith Sharing  •  Prayer  •  Community Service

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Adult Confirmation

If you are an unbaptized adult or a baptized non-Catholic, and are interested in becoming Catholic,
we invite you to enroll in RCIA, a process of learning about and being formed in the Catholic Faith.

RCIA classes begin in October and conclude just before Easter.

Unbaptized adults ("catechumens") are typically baptized, confirmed, and given their first
Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday night.

For baptized non-Catholics, entrance into the Catholic Church involves sacramental confession and a
Profession of Faith prior to reception of Confirmation and Holy Communion, typically during the Easter Season.

Unconfirmed adult Catholics wishing to receive Confirmation should enroll in
our parish Adult Confirmation program, which, like RCIA, begins in October.

<<<   To enroll in RCIA or Adult Confirmation, contact our Faith Formation director.   >>>


One of the primary ministries of the priest is to teach the gospel, or "good news" of Jesus Christ.
We invite parishioners to encourage members of community who may be in need of spiritual guidance
to seek counsel from our parish priests.

 Youth Group

 We strive to lead our youth to a deeper relationship with the Lord while helping them gain a fuller knowledge of what it means to serve one another, the parish, and the community at large. The Youth Group is the core of this ministry, by which young people participate in spiritual, social, and service activities. We invite all youth in our parish between grades 7 and 12 to get involved.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

 Supported and funded primarily by our parishioners, our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society is part of a worldwide society dedicated to helping the needy. Its members—lay men and women—live out their faith by visiting people in their homes to provide support, friendship, and material assistance throughout the year. If you are in need of assistance, contact the parish office and we will have a member of the Society contact you.

Holy Rosary Sodality

 Members commit themselves to praying the Rosary daily, interceding for the spiritual and temporal needs of our parish family. They also visit the sick and support families or individuals through times of difficulty. Additionally, the sodality offers our community its financial support by sponsoring various parish social events. The Rosary is prayed before daily Mass, and at 7pm Tuesdays in May and October (in the chapel).

Catholic Charities Appeal 

 The Catholic Charities Appeal Office conducts an annual springtime appeal, which supports many charitable services and activities of the Fall River Diocese. Throughout the year, these services touch the lives of tens of thousands, some young, others old; some sick in body, others in spirit; some broken, others confused with nowhere to turn. Without regard to race, creed, nationality, sex, or economic status, the various endeavors supported by Catholic Charities are motivated by the love of God and His command that we love one another. Our parish has its own Catholic Charities Appeal team that works to coordinate our efforts for the success of the annual diocesan Appeal.

United Interfaith Action

 United Interfaith Action (UIA) is an interfaith coalition of churches in the Fall River and New Bedford areas. Santo Christo Parish has been active in UIA since 1999. UIA promotes Christian social teaching, seeking justice for all and working to expand citizen participation in the American experiment. It has been successful in expanding after-school programs for children and preserving funding for job training programs for adults. For more information, contact Sandra Carreiro at (774) 955-3887 or